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Monthly Book Review

by Andrew Brown


From the moment he sees the beautiful Selena in the seminary grounds, the gates of Melchior’s world are thrown open to love and pain. A Hutu priest, Melchior’s love for the Tutsi woman is forbidden by his church, and stands in opposition to the ethnic hatred that will tear Rwanda apart in the 1994 genocide. In the eyes of the Hutu extremists, such as his childhood friend Victor, she is nothing but a cockroach – an inyenzi – that must be crushed.

In the chilling events leading up to the killing spree, the fates of the three characters become increasingly intertwined, and childhood bonds, love, faith and self sacrifice are pushed to the limit.

Heartbreaking, riveting and powerful, Inyenzi captures the innocence of first love, the beauty of Rwanda and the horror of the genocide in a stirring narrative that will be remembered long after the final page has been read.

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Praise for Inyenzi

‘One of the best novellas to come out of Africa in ages’ – Financial Mail

‘An intelligent, finely drawn evocation of a beautiful, suffering country’ – Leadership

‘You will keep turning the pages to the very last one, so powerful is the love story’ – Cape Times

‘An extraordinary, well-researched book … Inyenzi is a brave, bold, confident and compassionate work’ – Cape Times

‘This is a valuable book in that it brings down to earth the facts of the post-holocaust century’ – Cape Argus

‘Andrew Brown is a graceful and eloquent narrator who crafts a delicate blend of devastating non-fiction and lucid story telling’ – Marie Claire

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