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What costs are involved in corporate gifts?

  • The product: This is a cost per unit and there are discounts are larger volumes.
  • Artwork cost: This is to convert your logo into a programme that the branding machines can use. This is a once off cost.
  • Set up Costs: This is to set up the machine to do your branding job. This has to be done every we do a new job for you even if we are using the same logo.
  • Branding costs: This is the cost to brand each specific item.

Because of the artwork and set up costs it is more economical to do larger jobs than smaller jobs as this minimizes the effect of the once artwork costs and set up costs.

If I have sent you the artwork, why is there an artwork charge for my gifts?

The artwork charge is to convert the image that you send to us into a programme that the branding machines that we are using can read.

What is the difference between an artwork cost and a set up cost?

Artwork costs is to convert the logo, the set up costs are to set up the machine for your specific job. Every time a new job arrives the machines have to be reset.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Please see our on-line catalogue for the different prices for quantity. For very large corporate gift orders we will negotiate a larger discount for you .