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Payment Options

What is our preferred payment method?

Electronic transfer: This will take between 24 to 48 hours to reflect in our account and is fast and convenient.

Can I pay by cheque for my corporate gifts?

Cheques: These take 10 days to clear in our account.

My company only pays by cheque, how can I fast track the delivery?

When you deposit your cheque, you may request special clearance and this will fast track the reflection to 5 working days:

Can I pay in cash?

We do not accept cash, but you pay the cash directly into our bank account if you are unable to do an electronic transfer and are in a hurry for your order.

I paid my deposit but have not heard anything yet.

You need to fax through your proof of deposit or payment to 086 612 6112, so that we are aware that you have paid.

Can I pay by credit card?

We do not have credit card facilities, but you may transfer funds out of your credit card into our account.