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Firestorm Waistcoat

When the seasons begin to change as they are now, I find dressing really frustrating. In the morning it is freezing and then later in the day as I get into my car which has been baking outside a client’s office in the sun, I start the “slow boil”.

This is not reserved for office hours. Weekends are equally as troublesome. You go out for most of the day and as the sun begins to go down there is that biting chill that starts to creep in and it was not there when you left home.

Your body has its own heating and cooling system, but it sometimes needs a little help. Layering is a way of maximizing the efficiency of your body’s system.

Layering also allows you to adjust to various levels of exertion so that you can maintain a desired comfort range.

Layering isn’t a new technique. As far back as the early 80’s the company Patagonia was instructing the outdoor industry about layering through a series of essays presented in their product catalogues. To begin, there are three main parts to layering. The first part is called the base layer which you will also hear referenced as the “next-to-skin” layer. The second layer is going to be your insulating layer. And your third layer is going to be your outer layer or shell.

But that is a lot of technical stuff for outdoor enthusiasts.

Basically for us novices who like to wear great looking clothing that also keep us warm, for effective insulation, your torso is of utmost importance.

Our product feature, the Firestorm Waistcoat is ideal for layering for hikers and also couch potatoes rushing to the shop for chips, biltong and beer for the Saturday game or for strawberries and champagne for romantic evenings.

Plus ladies, there is a specific fit of popular Firestorm Waistcoat for us to show off to the male species with.

The gents Firestorm Waistcoat comes in black and the ladies Firestorm Waistcoat comes in tan.

It has Lightweight insulation and a great body fitting design. Perfect for showing off those great figures that you developed after your new year’s resolution. But that is you and not me, as I have not yet made it to the gym.

With Lycra-bound armholes and two generous hand warmer pockets you are sure to be both warm and stylish. For ladies I would recommend that you keep one hand out, so that it gets really cold and your partner is forced to hold your hand. It is much more romantic this way. But if you do not have a partner then keep both hands warmly imbedded into to these great pockets.

This great jacket is made from Firestorm 200 and weights only 340 grams, so it is lightweight and not bulky for the protection it offers. Firestorm 200 is a double sided 250g/m2 anti pill fleece. It's lightweight, extremely packable and provides efficient warmth. Those are features that I included for the outdoor junkies.

Firestorm fleece fabrics are made of the highest quality micro denier yarn. Their fibres create multiple air cells that trap warmth inside and give superior protection against cold. There is no moisture retention and there is an excellent weight to warmth ratio and a velour finish which ensures good washability and abrasion resistance. Plus most importantly for us novices is that it feels good and is easy to look after.

At prices starting from R 319.00 this is not a cheap give away. Rather it is a product for companies who believe that quality counts and who want their corporate gifting strategy to reflect that. As a corporate gift specialist I have masses of samples lying around, but this is one that I would buy for my family as a gift.

The Gent’s Firestorm Jacket comes in sizes from Small to XX-Large and Ladies sizes are from X-Small to X-Large.

Make your clients feel special as winter approaches by ordering your Firestone Waistcoats today.

Information about Firestorm

Some other products in the range

Adventure Jacket

Description: An ideal “just in case” jacket – perfect for Adventure Racing, hiking and travelling. Lightweight and folds up into its own pocket!

Features: Water repellent outer; Mesh lining for next-to-skin comfort; Hidden emergency hood in the collar; 2 large zippered front pockets; Shock corded drawstring in base; Entire jackets folds into stowage pocket

Colours: Royal/back

Fabric: Microtex R/S: Microtex R/S is used as an outer fabric on most the ranges sleeping bags and down clothing. This lightweight and extremely breathable fabric has a water repellant finish and is extremely robust. The rib stop finish means that a small tear will not develop into a bigger one.

Used as an outer fabric, it needs to be more robust. We make it in Ripstop style and add water-repellency and breathability.

Firestorm Ladies ¼ Zip

Description: Perfect first, or only layer insulation.

Features: Athletic, flattering cut; High collar; Wicking layer

Colour: Red, Black, Ice Blue

Fabric: Firestorm 100: This is a single sided antipill fleece, with wicking inner. It can be worn as an base, middle or outer layer and is etremely versatile.

This fleece is made of the highest quality micro denier yarn. Their fibres create multiple air cells that trap warmth inside and give superior protection against cold.

No moisture retention, excellent weight to warmth ratio and a velour finish which ensures good washability and abrasion resistance.

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