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Monthly Book Review

Part of developing your potential and those of your staff is the enrichment of your mind by absorbing the knowledge of respected business people through business books. At Belle Regalo we research the top sellers in business books and provide you with reviews that enable you to build your business book library with confidence. The reading that Belle Regalo recommends are listed in the top ten sellers of national book stores and therefore you are guaranteed of a good read. While you can purchase an of the kalahari.net books through the Belle Regalo link by visiting our book review page, you know that we are screening the books to ensure relevance and an exceptional message. For your book buying convenience and to purchase individual copies of books that Belle Regalo provides, we provide links to kalahari.net so that you can get those business books and fiction that you want at the click-click of your mouse.

Inyenzi   by: Andrew Brown

Screw It, Let's Do It   by: Richard Branson

Brett Kebble   by: Barry Sergeant