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Conference Gifts

This page has a list of favorite conference gifts that are well received by clients. Although there are a very large number of folders and conference bags available we have added some of the top sellers. Use the links on this page to see more ideas of the different conference gift categories.

Brand Water as Conference Gifts

Branded water makes a great conference gift as well as corporate gift, as it can be used immediately at the conference without your delegates having to move around a lot.


Calculators as Conference Gifts

For sales conferences and strategy conferences it is always handy to have a calculator.


Conference Bags as Conference Gifts

Conference bags are a timeless classic for conference gifts. There are so many conference bags to choose from. Please chat to our sales consultants about your conference bag needs.

Conference Folders as Conference Gifts

Conference gifts subject to change without notice.

Conference folders are an essential conference gift. There are so many conference bags to choose from. Please chat to our sales consultants about your conference folders as your conference gift.

Click here to view more ideas

Top Selling A5 Folders as conference gifts

These are the top selling A5 Folders. Click here to view more ideas

Leather Folders as Conference Gifts

When you are dealing with high level delegates for your conference, a leather folder is a must as a conference gift.

Click here to view more Leather Gifts.

Cookie Mugs as Conference Gifts

This is a terrific conference gift as the conference delegates can fill up with coffee and have a biscuit on hand to still those hunger pangs before your lunch break. This more than a great conference gift, it makes a great corporate gift.

Document Bags as Conference Gifts

If you have a number of conference leaflets or information a documents pocket is a cost effective way of keeping them all together at the conference. This is a great low cost conference gift.

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Hand Sanitisers as Conference Gifts

A long day at a conference, shaking hands, snacking and touching items that everyone else has touched can make your hands feel grimy and particularly when it is flu season a hand sanitizer is a welcome corporate or conference gift to keep your hands hygienic and fresh.

Indoor Banners

If you are using a conference venue that has a number of rooms then an indoor banner is a practical way of directing your delegates to your conference room. To see our indoor banner options please visit our indoor banner page .

iPad Folders Conference Gifts

Our world is full of electronic gadgets that make life so much more convenient. If you are having a conference where delegates can download their notes via an app, then a tablet cover makes an ideal conference gift.

Click here to view more leather gifts for Ipads.

Lanyards as Conference Gifts

Few events and conferences are complete without a lanyard. So always add this to your conference gift list.

Laptop Backpacks Conference Gifts

Whether your delegates use a laptop or not a laptop trolley bag is a very practical all round conference gift. Besides being a good conference gift, it makes a good corporate gift.

If you are having an away conference then a luggage trolley bag is a practical and wonderful conference gift. But remember to give it to the delegates before they start packing for the conference. Plus, don’t forget the luggage tags as conference gifts.

Mints Conference Gifts

Conferences are usually full day events, with refreshments breaks and lunch breaks. It is a rare person who takes a toothbrush to a conference, so this is wear mints in tins or plastic containers make wonderful conference gifts.

Notebooks as Conference Gifts

If you want to break away from the conference folder, then notebooks are a practical conference gift that can be used immediately at your conference. There are so many great notebook options to choose from as conference gifts.

Moleskine Notebooks as conference gifts

This classic Italian designed notebook with acid free paper is a firm favorite. The Moleskine Notebook is our best selling notebook for all year round corporate gifts.

A6 Notebooks as conference gifts

These tiny notebooks are very handy when you are networking at conferences. Although we are meant to plan ahead, it is amazing how many people forget business cards and then when you want to hand out your card to someone important that you want to give your details to, then you can write it on a small sheet of paper that they can fit into their wallet and you can take down details of the person who want to keep the details of.

A5 Notebooks as conference gifts

The A5 notebook is a classic size notebook for a conference. If your conference is a day long and you are handing out notes then an A5 notebook will easily fit most handwritten notes for the conference making it an excellent conference gift.

Eco-Notebooks as conference gifts

Environmentally friendly conference gifts are becoming more and more popular. No longer can we just live for today and for ourselves.

Notepads as Conference Gifts

A lot of clients go for custom notebooks with their logo on each page. These make practical conference gifts.

Outdoor Banners

If you are using a very large conference venue with multiple rooms that other companies will also be using then an outdoor banner will let delegates know that they are at the right place.

Pencils as Conference Gifts

Pencils are a seldom thought of but very well received conference gift. Remember to add a sharper with your order of conference gifts.

Pens as Conference Gifts

You simply can’t have a conference without pens as a conference gift. Usually a promotional pen will be suitable for any conference. Leave the expensive brands like Waterman and parker for corporate gifts. To view our promotional pens, click here

Stylus Pensas Conference Gifts

As smart phones and other smart devises are becoming common place, you can’t go wrong with a stylus pen as a conference gift.

USB Pens as Conference Gifts

A USB pen is an all round practical gift and excellent conference gift. Not only do you get to write your notes, but delegates can have notes pre-loaded onto the USB pens. Our customers just have to send the files in the correct format to us and we can arrange to have the notes loaded.

Tissues as Conference Gifts

It is amazing how practical this low cost conference gift can be. You never know when a delegate is going to have a hay fever attack or sinusitis or even flu and when this happens tissues and hankies run out very quickly. Tissues are low cost, but are a very well received conference gift. If your delegates don’t have the sniffles, they can always store then in their car for future emergency use.


USBs as Conference Gifts

Using this conference gift can save you a lot of paper. You can pre-load information and the delegates can print the conference notes out at their convenience. Even if you still give them conference notes, a lot of people misplace their conference notes and with this conference gift they can reprint the conference notes.

Wet Wipes as Conference Gifts

Delegates attending your training session or conference will want to collect as much information as possible during the event. When you each of them with a custom journal book , they'll be prepared to take notes and will be more likely to actively participate.

Belle Regalo a black empowered corporate gift supplier specialises in the supply of conference gifts for the conference and event management industry

We supply a wide range of promotional products and conference gifts throughout South Africa. Customised promotional gifts are a unique way to promote your business.

Belle Regalo has an extensive range of promotional items that are a great way of getting your company brand noticed and more importantly, remembered!

Our range of corporate gifts are perfect for conferences, exhibitions, events and trade shows and for all your business promotion requirements.

Choose from our extensive range of corporate merchandise to ensure your company makes a lasting impression. We stock conference bags, gifts, promotional pens, banners, lanyards, clothing, wine, books and much more.

We support PCO or Professional Conference Organizers with a full conference gift range. We can assist with a professional conference, event or function with well positioned conference gifts and event gifts that match the conference delegates’ profile. We offer a gift wrapping service to assist busy conference organizers .

When choosing a conference organizer, choose one that adheres to the SAACI Conference and Event Chapter Code of Conduct.